If you could go back in time and be a teenager again would you jump at the chance to relive those high school years or run away in fear never wanting to experience that time in your life again? For me, I feel a bit of both. Some of my best memories involve doing theater in high school but, overall, I love being an adult. Let’s face it. Those teen years can be brutal! In fact, Invisalign Teen did a recent study and found that 90% of teens feel judged by their peers and more than half agree life would be better without social media. I recently spoke about some of the most common beauty blunders teens face on Good Day Sacramento and want to go beyond beauty to share three simple tips teens can use during these tough years.

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1.Follow Your Gift, Not Your Passion

Ok, let me explain this one. Oftentimes we get sucked into pursuing something we might not have a knack for doing well. Growing up, I loved swimming and belonged to several swim teams throughout the years. No matter how much I loved it, I wasn’t good at it. I never won a race or even placed in the top 3. Could I have been part of the Olympic team? Not a chance. What came easy for me was speaking. Eighth grade speech class? Best part of my week. High school plays? I couldn’t get enough of them. Give me an audience and I can effectively communicate. What comes easy to you is your gift. No need to fret and torment yourself on what your purpose in life is and how you will ever find your path. Just do what you do the absolute best at with the least amount of effort. Maybe you’re great at singing, the best in your math class, or you’re the one friends come to when they need advice and to help sort out their problems. That is your gift and when it’s combined with excitement you’ll be unstoppable. Follow it and you’ll save yourself lots of undue stress later in life!

2. Speak Up

Let’s say you’ve got a big presentation in biology and you’ve got the jitters at the thought of speaking in front of your class. You have shortness of breath, butterflies in your stomach and you can’t seem to remember anything you wrote down. What if you trip while walking up to the front of the class? What if you fumble your words and everyone starts laughing? Does this sound familiar? The thought of speaking in public can be terrifying! Fortunately, there are many techniques you can use to ease the fear of public speaking. Try taking a speech class this summer, participate in a local theater production or even take a comedy improv class to boost your confidence.

3. Quality Over Quantity

I’m talking about friends here. One of the best tips I got as a teen was on my first day of high school. The principal had welcomed the freshman class and told us to choose our friends carefully. She said that it’s much better to have no friends for a while than get in with the wrong crowd and end up making poor choices. We are the average of the five people we spend the most time around. Are you spending your time with friends who uplift you and influence you in a positive way? Or are you associating with people that pull you into negativity and trouble? Take your time when it comes to making friends because they play a very big role in your high school years.

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