It’s so easy to be downright mean to ourselves. Cruel even. Would you ever go up to someone and say that their stomach is looking just a little doughy in that dress? Or what about telling a stranger that they shouldn’t even go for that promotion at work because their coworker is way smarter and just an overall better person? Most of us wouldn’t imagine speaking that way to a stranger so why treat ourselves that way?

There is a great quote from the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg that goes as follows: “When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” I love this and wanted to share three simple tips to help us start becoming our best friend. Let’s start loving ourselves a little more!

Put the blinders on

This is one I need to remind myself of daily because I’m super competitive. Being competitive is a double-edged sword because it can push you to do your very best but can also stall you dead in your tracks. In professional horse racing, owners put blinders on their horses to keep them from seeing what their competition is doing. This, in turn, allows the horse to be completely focused at the task at hand. You are in competition with no one but yourself. Does it matter what others are up to? Nope, it’s none of your business!

Learn how to take a compliment

Do you tend to refute compliments? You know, someone tells you that you have beautiful hair and then you quickly snap back with a “No way, I need a haircut!” type of reply? This is doing major damage in the self-love department and I demand you cease this now! The next time you receive a compliment, simply say thank you. That’s it. 

Mantra every morning

It’s easy to look in the mirror and see all that’s wrong. The dark circles that seem to be getting darker some mornings, parts of our body that wiggle and jiggle, the self-loathing list goes on and on. Instead of criticizing an area on your body like your thighs, celebrate all of the wonderful places your legs have taken you thus far. Maybe you’ve ran a marathon, traveled the world, or spent countless evenings dancing the night away. Each morning before you start your day, look in the mirror and repeat this mantra out loud: In this very moment, I love and accept myself. This might feel hard to say or believe some mornings but the more you repeat this, the more you’ll start to embrace loving yourself.

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