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It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and school is back in session. For kids and their parents that means getting back to a daily routine. It means rushing to the bus stop in the morning, carpooling to after school activities, homework assignments, and trying to squeeze in a social life somewhere in between. Fortunately, there are a few products that will help the whole family ease back into the school year. From hair products to clothing and ways to fight acne, here are my top product recommendations!

Udderly Smooth Body Cream

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Back to school skin care shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. The beauty products in your drugstore can be just as effective as their pricey department store counterparts. For the skin on your body, my top pick is Udderly Smooth Body Cream. I’ve tried body lotions that retail for well over $100 and keep coming back to this moisturizer. I love it because it’s super thick and hydrating, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth for the whole day. Place a jar in the bathroom and the whole family can use it, from the kids to your husband! You can’t beat the $6 price tag and you can find it at CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid and Walmart stores. I like to pick up several jars at a time because this is also a must-have in the winter.

L.A. Looks Extreme Sport Gel

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It’s amazing how we can feel so much more confident and unstoppable when our hair looks good. Kids want to look and feel their best going back to school so having a good styling product is key. The L.A. Looks Extreme Sport Gel will keep hairstyles intact and looking great throughout the entire school day. This gel has an extreme-level hold which means it keeps hair in place even after gym class or sports practice. It comes in three different sizes, including a travel-friendly tube that kids can pop into their backpacks and retouch their hair in between classes. You can pick it up at drugstores for under $4!

Addressing Acne with

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It’s hard for teens to be outgoing in social situations when they feel self-conscious about acne, and with all of the advertisements out there it can be confusing for parents to know what the best solutions are for treating their child’s skin. Before spending money on costly dermatologist visits and prescriptions, a great option is, a leading online community around cosmetic concerns. There is a doctor Q&A section where parents can ask board-certified dermatologists questions about acne treatments. For example, one dermatologist named Dr. Eric Schweiger advises that preteens and teens with mild acne can be treated with over the counter products that contain benzoyl peroxide. Go onto to learn more about the best acne treatments for your teen.

Primary Clothing

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Back to school clothing doesn’t have to be complicated and there’s a new company called Primary that specializes in high-quality basics for kids. Started by two moms who had been shopping for kids clothes for over 12 years but still didn’t have a go-to for great basics at affordable prices, they set out to create simple, high-quality basics for kids. Looking for a plain white tank or what about a blue tunic? You’re now in luck! Best part is everything in the line is under $25. Go onto to shop the collection.

YouCam MakeupScreen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.25.21 PMWhen it comes to beauty and style, there are no rules! The teen years are a great time to experiment with different makeup looks and hairstyles.  From pops of color on the eyes to a fun bob, teens can get away with really bold looks during these years. However, before committing to a drastic change, why not try makeup in real-time with a new app called YouCam Makeup. It allows you to try different looks (kind of like looking into a virtual mirror) so you can nail down which makeup styles look best on you. You can download the app for free at GooglePlay or the iTunes store. Oh how I wish I had this in my high school days!


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