Mirror, Mirror Mirror Image

Very rarely do we think about strategy when it comes to cosmetics and the way we present ourselves to the world.Who knew that the right shade of lipstick or freshly manicured nails could have so much impact on the types of opportunities we attract into our lives? In fact, according to this NY Times article from 2011, wearing makeup has been proven to increase people’s perceptions of a woman’s likability, her competence, and trustworthiness in the workplace.

Love it or loathe it, the way we look matters!Here’s an exercise that will enable you to create a signature look (signature being the key – there is no cookie cutter mold when you are on the path to becoming your most confident, unstoppable self!) that is an accurate reflection of not only who you are but who you want to be. Through this important exercise, you have the ability to invent (and reinvent) an empowered image that expands what you attract into your life.

*Be forewarned: This is a hard one, folks, but I promise it’s going to be the first (and most important!) step in creating an empowered, signature look that screams “Here I Am!” and will allow you to reach your full potential.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Stand in front of the most honest mirror in your home – preferably a full-length mirror – in natural lighting and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this an honest reflection of who I am and how I’m feeling on the inside?
  2. Is my current image an honest reflection of who I want to be?
  3. What types of people, energy, and opportunities am I attracting with my current image?

After you complete the exercise and answer these questions, get a notepad out (or your laptop or iPad!) and make a game plan.Create a strategy with a to-do list and goals that will enable you to create an accurate self-portrait of yourself. This is your opportunity to craft a signature image that uniquely expresses who you are , so take it to heart and let me know how it goes!


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