Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it’s all about new beginnings. After a brutally cold winter, flowers are starting to bloom and the temperatures are getting warmer. Like Mother Nature, we can also create new beginnings for ourselves and bring a little extra sunshine into our lives. Creating the life of our dreams begins and ends with confidence, so I wanted to share three simple steps that will make you feel unstoppable. Start practicing each one, and I know you’ll be on your way to feeling your most confident!

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

Hands down, this is my number one tip to living a more confident life. If you’re looking at someone else and telling yourself “I could never be as (fill in the blank with whatever nonsense you tell yourself!) as them” you’re discrediting yourself big time. You have talents and gifts that no one else does, so start owning them! The world needs your unique gifts – not you being a copycat version of someone else. Another key tip to help you with this principle is to limit the amount of time you spend on social media channels (ahem Facebook!). When you spend time peering into someone else’s life, you’re wasting that much time not living your own.

  1. Embrace Beauty & Fashion To Feel Unstoppable.

Beauty and style are powerful tools that can increase your confidence and self-esteem. How incredible do you feel with a beautiful white smile? Or what about knowing that you can have a clear, radiant complexion with the right skincare products? And that feeling when you wear a great pair of stilettos that make you look long and lean? Embracing self-care and carving out time each day for you will make you feel valued. And remember my mantra – you don’t need to spend a lot of $$$ to look your best! There are so many incredible products right in your drugstore. Check out my video segments on my Twitter page for some of my top drugstore picks!

  1. Don’t Waste Any Time Thinking About People Who Don’t Like You.

Not everyone is going to like you – recognize this and keep it moving! Yes, it never feels good to be mistreated or the target of someone’s misery, so it’s critical to recognize toxic people and remove them from your life. Surround yourself with positive people who provide support and encouragement.

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Last week I attended a networking meetup called BNI, which stands for Business Networking International.  I was filling in for a friend who was on vacation and, since I’m always up for new opportunities to promote my business and connect with other professionals, I eagerly jumped at the chance to attend.  We met bright and early (6:45AM to be exact!) with the sole purpose of networking and identifying ways we can help elevate each other’s business. 

I was impressed with the amount of public speaking every individual was required to participate in and believe that is one of the most effective ways to hone presentation skills.  Each attendee was required to stand in front of the group and deliver a 60 second elevator pitch describing who they are, what they do, what separates them from industry competitors, along with their target client and ideal referral.  There is even a person designated to a timer who raises a yellow flag when you’ve hit the 30 second mark and a red flag signaling to stop when your minute is up, which really forces the presenter to streamline their pitch and be acutely aware of timing.

It’s so important to be able to articulately speak about yourself and what it is you do in a short amount of time, ultimately sparking someone’s interest to continue the conversation.  The term “elevator pitch” refers to a quick summary describing what your organization specializes in and reflects the concept that you should be able to deliver the speech in the time span of an elevator ride.  Even if you’re a student and haven’t joined the workforce yet, remember that you are the CEO of your personal brand so having an elevator pitch ready-to-go is just as important! 

So what makes a compelling elevator pitch?  I’ve outlined six tips below that will enable you to create an effective speech.  Practice makes perfect, so work on your elevator pitch and let me know how it goes!

6 Tips to Creating an Effective Elevator Pitch

1.       Develop a list of key messages.

If you’ve ever worked in the communications/PR industry, you’re certainly no stranger to key messages!  Develop a set of key messages (no more than 4 concise points) that illustrate who you are professionally and the value that your business or organization brings to the marketplace.

2.       Keep it short. 

The standard elevator pitch is no longer than 1 minute.  However, if you can go under 1 minute and keep it to 45 seconds, even better!  To keep your pitch short, each word and statement must have a purpose and map back to your key messages.  So be purposeful and strategic in what you have to say!

3.       Get straight to business. 

An elevator pitch isn’t the appropriate time to talk about the movie you saw over the weekend or your favorite sports team winning a game.  By veering off-topic, you will lose your audience’s attention so get straight to business and focus on what you do and how your organization can help who you are speaking to.  One of my favorite quotes that illustrates how to make an important point is from Winston Churchill – “If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.”

4.       Be Able To Tailor It To Your Audience.

Know your audience!  Who are you delivering your elevator pitch to?  By identifying your audience and understanding their unique needs, you will be able to tailor the content and make it relevant to them.  Why should people care about what you do?  A good elevator pitch will spark investment from the listener and make them care.

5.       Identify your Point of Difference.

What separates you from the competition?  Let’s say you’re a personal trainer.  How does your technique of personal training or approach to fitness differ from your competitors?  Identifying your Point of Difference is crucial to standing out in a sometimes over-saturated market and finding your unique brand voice.

6.       Be confident!

        Speaking in front of a crowd can be scary and nerve-wracking (I’m sure Tony Robbins and Joel Osteen still get the butterflies before speaking at sold-out stadiums in front of thousands…at least I hope they do a little bit!) but remember that confidence is key!  If you do not radiate confidence in yourself or abilities, no one else will!



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Loving ourselves is at the core of living a more confident life.  We truly cannot be our best when we don’t love and embrace our inner self.  In this week’s video, I discuss how ending all criticism is the first step necessary in loving yourself.

Learn how you can stop the damaging cycle of self-criticism and start living a more confident, beautiful life!


Mirror, Mirror Mirror Image

Very rarely do we think about strategy when it comes to cosmetics and the way we present ourselves to the world.Who knew that the right shade of lipstick or freshly manicured nails could have so much impact on the types of opportunities we attract into our lives? In fact, according to this NY Times article from 2011, wearing makeup has been proven to increase people’s perceptions of a woman’s likability, her competence, and trustworthiness in the workplace.

Love it or loathe it, the way we look matters!Here’s an exercise that will enable you to create a signature look (signature being the key – there is no cookie cutter mold when you are on the path to becoming your most confident, unstoppable self!) that is an accurate reflection of not only who you are but who you want to be. Through this important exercise, you have the ability to invent (and reinvent) an empowered image that expands what you attract into your life.

*Be forewarned: This is a hard one, folks, but I promise it’s going to be the first (and most important!) step in creating an empowered, signature look that screams “Here I Am!” and will allow you to reach your full potential.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Stand in front of the most honest mirror in your home – preferably a full-length mirror – in natural lighting and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this an honest reflection of who I am and how I’m feeling on the inside?
  2. Is my current image an honest reflection of who I want to be?
  3. What types of people, energy, and opportunities am I attracting with my current image?

After you complete the exercise and answer these questions, get a notepad out (or your laptop or iPad!) and make a game plan.Create a strategy with a to-do list and goals that will enable you to create an accurate self-portrait of yourself. This is your opportunity to craft a signature image that uniquely expresses who you are , so take it to heart and let me know how it goes!