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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT: Sat. December 17, 2022 at 10:30 PM EST on "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"
    The first INTERNATIONAL MASS ASSEMBLY and Global African Women's POWER and Leadership Summit I that is especially for and of women and girls of African descent from ALL walks of life is unapologetically growing and spreading nonstop throughout the African Diaspora. The Million Woman WORLD March 2023 is growing WORLDWIDE, bringing forward a new dynamic and now Raising Up The MOTHER of Civilization, UNIVERSALLY, with a First Family First and Race First stance and mode of operations.  Lear more tonight about tomorrow's National/International ZOOM Meeting and the January 2023 Kickoff of the "MWWM" 2023 National Tour.  ALSO Tonight: A Special WE CHARGE GENOCIDE "21" Report and insights into some of the REPARATORY (R4J) JUSTICE "Next Steps" that include the "QUEEN MOTHER MOORE" WEEKEND" and the "We The People", HERE WE STAND! Reparations Now! Rally that will take place July 27-30, 2023 in Philly, PA  AND: Dr. MUTULU is FREE! And MUMIA's court proceedings is continued to 60-90 days. Get updates and a Special Report on Dr. Mutulu, Mumia and more on this week's edition.
    Tonight's "LIVE LINE" will also include an "OPEN MIC" to provide your opinions and views about the release of Dr Mutulu Shakur and yesterday's court proceedings for Mumia Abu Jamal and also a panel discussion that will include Bro. Lumumba Uncaged, Sis. Gwen Debrow, and Bro. Waset Tune in, Call in and join the discussion.

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    Dr. Harris Black Lives Matter Show Welcomes Poet & Activist Empress Poetry

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    Dr. Harris Black Lives Matter Show Welcomes Poet & Activist Empress Poetry to celebrate UJIMA (Collective work & responsibility.) 
    HAPPY KWANZAA  3rd Principal Is UJIMA, Meaning Collective Work & Responsibilty. To Build & Maintain Our Community Together  #Kwanzaa2022

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    Ralph Poynter: What's Happening

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    Ralph Poynter:  What's Happening-Tuesday, December 27, 2022  -Call in 1 (347) 857-3293 @ 9-10 pm ET
    Program Theme:  WHAT can we look to in the future? OR WHAT's coming down the pipeline?
    1. NEWS ANALYSIS - An anatomy of oppression requires an anatomy of colonialism/imperialism i.e. 
    An anatomy of the American Capitalist System: Ralph Poynter, Tom Siracuse-, Joel Meyers, Henry Hagin, Dennis Knowles, Kazi Toure
    2. UPDATES -- Political Prisoner Death Camps - Anne Lamb (NYC Jericho)
    3. Liberation Poetry – PROF. LOUIE & NZINGA – in remembrance of Sister Lynne

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    Greg Palast: Jim Crow is Alive and Well in Georgia

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    We are going to explore the affect of Jim Crow laws in Georgia. Voter suppression is alive and well. Investigative reporter Greg Palast tells us how. What we need to do to prevent suppression in the future. Support and learn more about Greg here: https://www.gregpalast.com/ Watch Vigilante film here https://watch.showandtell.film/watch/vigilante-ga/
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    Kevin McCarthy ---
    Got Elected ---
    Speaker Of The House ---
    Only To Fail Miserably ---
    And GO Down ---
    As The MOST ---
    "Inconsequential" SPEAKER ---
    IN U.S.-HOUSE History

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    S04/E03: "Cynthia A. Johnson-A Woman For All People"

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    Our special guest tonight, Cynthia A. Johnson, is well know in Michigan and probably the Midwest. When she walks into a room, like her or not, one has to stop and take notice. Charming, energetic, charismatic and talented, she commands a respect in a world that is controlled by The Patriarchy. In a society where there is a sharp "Me vs. Them" divide, she has a reputation as a fighter for the forgotten Middle Class and downtrodden poor. She is relentless in all she persues, whether she succeeds or fails, she never gives up. 
    Cynthia A. Johnson served as a State Representative in House District 5, a former Radio Show host "Stand Up Now with Cynthia A. Johnson" and served many years, on various levels, in the Michigan Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer and Probation and Parole Agent.  She have seen it all and done it all. Prepared to lead and ready to serve. Many are ambitious and want to be public servants. But only a few are chosen. Now, our guest is going full throttle and hopes to be elected as the next Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. Kitchen Politics 123 Radio Show with David Franklin and Lori Pica is proud to welcome Walsh College (Class of 1992) and Cody High School Alum Cynthia A. Johnson. 
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    KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW with David Franklin & Lori Pica 
    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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    LaborHood Book Club - Laura Bates - Men Who Hate Women

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    Hey, Gang.  I spent the week before this broadcast reading the book and making my little notes.  The Book Club sessions will have pre-recorded audio of me going over each chapter. After the chapter, we'll have the studio line open for LaborHood callers to share their commentary/observations on the material.  Simultaneously, the broadcast is will be live via our Facebook page, Mr  William's LaborHood. You can also share a comment there to be quoted on the program  
    Reading this material must be preceded with a TRIGGER WARNING, CONTENT WARNING, PARENTAL ADVISORY AND CAUTION TAPE. 
    I personally find this book VERY constructive and worthwhile.  If you're comfortable, as a parent, I recommend sharing this book with teenage children across the gender spectrum. 
    Laura Bates is the founder of the Everyday Sexin Project. She has received the British Empire Medal, The WMC Digital Award from the Women's Media Center and the Georgina Henry Prize. 
    She has also been named in CNN's 10 Visionary Women List. 

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    Christmas morality and the GOP of racism...

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    It's Christmas today, and the GOP of White Christian Nationalism has delivered in various ways that would make the pagans of ancient Rome proud. Overnight, Texas Governor Greg Abbott continued to authorize sending buses of migrants to Washington D.C. to be ceremoniously dumped into the arctic temperatures, while dressed for a day at the beach. The fact that these migrants are people of color did not escape Governor Abbott. Why should it? After all, that was THE PLAN. 
    Ironically, Governor Abbott brags about being a devout Christian, while conveniently ignoring the fact that the saviour he worships was ALSO a man of color and yes---dare I say it--AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. 
    Governor Abbott and the GOP of Trump seriously needed a visit from the spirits that converted Scrooge, but frankly, I think such effort would be wasted. It is painfully clear that the lesson which Jesus taught are wasted on these White Christian Nationalists, including Greg Abbott. 
    Tune in for our brief Christmas show. 

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    Ep. 026: Year in Review for 2022

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    It has been almost two years since our last show. We have been busy organizing coworkers and fighting against corrupt officers and cruel CTA management. Now, concessions, an underfunded pension and more weigh heavy on us. Part-Time coworkers are dying in poverty on the job. The CTA got their favorite union president at Local 241 back in for another 3 years. Local 308 has an election coming up in a year.

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    Love Life

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    Love life enough to struggle for progress , Your children future is at steak.