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    How to do drugs: Lectures of Fallen Wisdom #82

    in Science

    How to do drugs: Lectures of Fallen Wisdom: Lectures of Fallen Wisdom #82

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    in Social Sciences

    On tonights episode of Shabaka's Blacc Experience Enhanced we will be discussing the new Arutisuse Holiday Foundational Blacc Americans are celebrating starting this year 2022! The official date is tomorrow Saturday December 24, 2022 which is typically Christmas Eve in the Western Hemisphere! Arutisuse is a Arise in the traditonal American slave language of Tut!
    This episode is for those who are 18 years of age or older

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    Solutions Today With Bill Advanced Brain Injury Survivors Still Dealing Issues

    in Medicine

     The host Bill and the program's co host Mark as fellow Brain Injury Survivors will talk about their brain injuries and first issues they faced and how after years of therapy and work in dealing with these issues very well. Becoming very high functioning people ( With examples of other who have done the same with the same issues ) doing many activities while at the same time having to still deal with every once in a while a breaking down of long well built up coping strategies that work 99.9% of the time but in rare times the chicken wire of those strategies comes loose ( about every 3 to 5 years ) and old issues come  out like a emotional volcano to the surface. The Hosts will also talk of caregivers support and how hard it can be for those in dealing with and understanding these issues that do pop up. As it is very hard to understand brain injury issues and its been found that even medical Pros like Doctors and Nurses untrained in Brain Injury do not get It so it's understandable the everyday person would not as well .Our co host Mark will give a run down of the area of the Brain that a lot of the issues come from in covering the Limbic system with the  Impact per brain area in the Consequences of such and a Brain Injury explanation. Bill the program host will put forth a basic coping strategy to lesson this issue from happening and show in his ongoing dating how this is very very issue one would need to discuss when things start getting serious with a women at some point. After a hour or so we will take callers. 

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    Filmmaker Louise Hogarth - Elephant Refugees

    in Environment

    Elephants are under siege everywhere they are found on the planet. Their declining numbers are a reflection of a world out of balance and a clarion call for humanity to pay attention. On this episode of Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" Show, award-winning documentary filmmaker Louise Hogarth discusses her new film, 'ELEPHANT REFUGEES: A Fight To Survive When Waters Run Dry." The film is now out worldwide on digital platforms. More: https://dolfilms.org/ This episode is part of our special Friday Nature Connection series with guest cohost Margot Carrera who is a fine art nature photographer who is passionate about the environment. More: https://www.carrerafineartgallery.com/ 

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    Karen Drennan McEwan "How to stay sane in pain " Living with Lupus"

    in Medicine

    Karen Drennan-McEwan Ad. Dip. Cp., MNCS Acc. M.A Hons. https://karendrennanmcewan.com I am a Psychotherapist and Author implementing a tried and tested mind/body approach for chronic pain and illness, which is the result of some 12 years training and experience and 8 years research. It also incorporates the latest research on how pain impacts the brain. My particular expertise is in lupus, otherwise known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or Discoid Lupus Erythematosus DLE) with systemic complications, along with other related and often co-morbid conditions such as fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s and Sjögren’s Syndromes: It is a holistic and multi-layered mind/body approach some of which is explored in my book “How to Stay Sane in Pain – Clarity, Resilience and Calm with Lupus“, which describes my own experience of a massive lupus flare and diagnosis of severe systemic lupus in 2012.

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    Fight , Flight , or Freeze

    in Psychology

    "I understand because it happened to me " Both Barbara and Johnny have been faced with trauma head-on. Listen and see if they flew fought or froze.

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    Award winning author Kelly Markey joins me on the edge from Australia

    in Social Sciences

    Don’t Just Fly, SOAR: tells a deeply personal account of an immigrant conqueror. Markey unveils her own fractured heart, coherent to the sound of humanities cries and painted by her own tears. Cultured calligraphy glides from her quill to depict traces of humankind and specifically where real victory dwells. Only you can define the tapestry of your character and the fashion that it spills into our world. This testimony is more than words, it is life changing motivation to live better. It is a witness that you can achieve professional success, change the narrative dished out to you, harness meaningful relationships, ignite your self-worth and find peace in the most intense storms of life. Drenched with palatable experience and insightful gleans Kelly shows that the power to change your life depends on you despite unfavourable circumstances. A book that’s ignites you to find your goodness guide. In this book, Kelly draws on her life experience wisdom intended to supply guidance and daily help, with all the pitfalls and possibilities to benefit you towards understanding how to: Define your purpose and vision for life Understand the lessons & blessings of your past Create authentic & meaningful relationships Thrive in a world that sometimes feels unfair Design the future that inspires you

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    Part 2: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Radiologist Dr. Joseph Burke MD

    in Medicine

    Wyomissing, PA – Dr. Joseph Burke is a board-certified Diagnostic Radiologist with over 24 years in practice specializing in Neurologic imaging, Vascular Imaging, Trauma and Emergency Radiology, Body and Neurologic CT, Pulmonary Imaging, Gastrointestinal Imagining, and Genitourinary Imaging focusing on Radiographs, Ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI.
    “My work as a medical doctor plays a crucial role in people’s health care. I interpret medical imaging from numerous sources, including Radiographs, Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs that determine what’s going on inside the patient’s body.”
    As an authority in the field of Radiology, Dr. Burke has examined thousands of images in his illustrious career and works in one of the busiest Emergency Departments on the East Coast in a level 1 Trauma Center as well as one of the largest and most reputable Cancer Centers.
    Besides his twenty-four years of experience, Dr. Burke has many more accomplishments to his credit. He is a frequent presenter at weekly Tumor, Trauma, and Gastrointestinal Conferences, has been the Chief of the Ultrasound department for several years. He also actively participates in the teaching service of the hospital, educating radiology Technology students, Medical Students, and Residents. He has served as the President of his private practice Radiology group and currently resides on the Board of governors for his Radiology group.
    As an expert witness, Dr. Burke Has provided forensic case review for attorneys in numerous cases offering unbiased testimony with a timely and accurate review of all imaging using state of the art visuals. His work in this field has been remarkable and he has established an excellent standing among colleagues.
    “Radiologists play some of the most vital yet commonly overlooked roles in the medical industry.”

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    Help Us Amplify: Inflation Reduction Act Provisions Now In Effect

    in Energy

     Solar Now and the Future with Its Economic Impact on Black America
    Call-In# 646-668-2948. We are your source for solar information and resources!
    Date: 1/4/2023 .... Eposide. 290 Hosted By: Ronald Bethea
    Host: Introduction: 11:00 -11:03 am est.: Introduction
    Guest: 11:04 am -11:29 am est.: Topic of Discussion: Help Us Amplify: Inflation Reduction Act Provisions Now In Effect
    Host:11:30-am - 1133: am est.: Comerical                                            
    Host: 11:34 am -11:41 am est.   Topic of Discussion: Legalized weed, minimum wages, grocery taxes, and more: New laws for 2023 in DC, Md., Va.
    Guest: 11:42 - 11:57 am est:  Topic of Discussion:  

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    motivation monday

    in Psychology

    call in

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